Curriculum for Master’s Degree

The master’s degree course consists of required and elective courses and a master’s thesis. The courses are composed of lecture courses and seminar courses. Lecture courses are divided into 5 fields:

All lecture courses in the field of Computer and Information Sciences for Globalization, which is suited for the double degree program, are taught in English. A few lectures from 1, 2, and 3 are taught in English. Students of the double degree program are allowed to take any lecture courses. In order to adapt to rapidly changing information technology, ad hoc lectures are also provided.

Seminar courses are related to your research. There are three compulsory courses:

  • Special Research for Computer and Information Sciences
  • Special Seminar for Computer and Information Sciences
  • CIS Global Seminar

The first two courses, which are taught by your research supervisor, are completed when your master’s thesis is accepted. CIS Global Seminar is a special course for not only double degree students but also for exchange students. It may include visiting leading companies and talking with their engineers and researchers.

Master’s Thesis Supervisor

Contact a double degree program committee member. It is desirable to decide your supervisor before coming to Japan.

Master's Thesis Supervisor