Q1: How much does it cost to study in Tokyo for one year?

A1: It depends on your budget and your personal preferences. Average living expenses, except tuition fees, will be about 1,200,000 – 1,500,000 JPN a year.

Q2: For the transferable 10 credits, what courses can be transferred to Hosei? And what courses will be offered by Hosei to get the other 10 credits?

A2: See Transferring Credits to HOSEI and Curriculum for Master’s Degree.

Q3: What type of research guidance is given to students? How to know the professors’ research details in order to choose a prospective supervisor in Hosei?

A3: See Master’s Thesis Supervisor.

Q4: When and how should I pay the tuition fees? Do you accept separate payments?

A4: Tuition fees have to be fully paid through an international bank transfer by the due date.

Q5: When can I get the official documents from your university for visa application?

A5: After paying the tuition fees, the documents necessary for the visa application will be delivered to you.

Q6: Regarding a master’s thesis, is it okay for students applying for one thesis to obtain two diplomas?

A6: In principle, it is one thesis for one diploma. When you write two theses in the same language in order to obtain two diplomas, part of the theses should be different.

Q7: What are the accommodations like?

A7: In principle, students are asked to arrange their accommodations on their own. Details regarding housing will be sent to you by email after paying the tuition fees.