Q1: How much does it cost to study in Tokyo for one year?

A1: It depends on your budget and your personal preferences. Average living expenses, except tuition fees, will be about 1,200,000 – 1,500,000 JPY a year.

Q2: For the transferable 10 credits, what courses can be transferred to Hosei? And what courses will be offered by Hosei to get the other 10 credits?

A2: See Transferring Credits to HOSEI and Curriculum for Master’s Degree.

Q3: What type of research guidance is given to students? How to know the professors’ research details in order to choose a prospective supervisor in Hosei?

A3: See Master’s Thesis Supervisor.

Q4: When and how should I pay the tuition fees? Do you accept separate payments?

A4: Tuition fees have to be fully paid through Western Union GlobalPay for students by the due date. See Admission for more detail.

Q5: When can I get the official documents from your university for visa application?

A5: Application documents will be sent from Hosei to you and require to fill and send back. After confirming your documents completed, we will apply for your Certificate Of Eligibility (COE) to Immigration Bureau on your behalf. COE will be obtained approximately 1 month after applied and send to you by express mail.

Q6: Regarding a master’s thesis, is it okay for students applying for one thesis to obtain two diplomas?

A6: In principle, it should be one thesis for one diploma. Each university evaluates individually each thesis.

Q7: What are the accommodations like?

A7: In principle, students are asked to arrange their accommodations on their own. Housing information (just reference) will be sent by email to the accepted students.