A) General questions

(1) What was your purpose for taking part in the Double Degree Program?

  • To broaden my vision, learn about new cultures, the most important thing is to learn professional knowledge.
  • It’s a good opportunity to look and learn in a nice foreign university and we can get double degree.
  • First of all, through participating in this program, we can receive two degrees by completing courses and oral defenses of master thesis of both sides. Another reason is that Japan and Japanese culture attract me very much. I really want to experience different life styles.

(2) Why did you choose Japan?

  • Because of high educational standards and excellent research environment.
  • The computer technology in Japan is famous in the world. I want to learn the new technology, and Japanese way of thinking and doing research. Moreover, I have learnt Japanese in the college, studying in Japan can give a chance to learn Japanese further.
  • Firstly, Japan holds a leading position in IT field, and I could learn some advanced technologies during this year in Japan. Secondly, I could broaden my horizon, and experience Japan culture.

(3) Why did you choose Hosei University?

  • There are some Chinese students studying in Hosei University now, and they all said Hosei University is worth to apply for. I really respect the professors and appreciate the research they have done.
  • Hosei University is one of the most traditional private universities in Japan.
  • Hosei University CIS have many famous professors in different area. And DDP is very convenient for me; it simplifies the procedure to study abroad.

(4) What did you want to do in Japan?

  • First of all, I wanted to gain good marks for all courses and successfully graduate from Hosei. Besides, I also wanted to learn Japanese well. If I could prepare well and have appropriate chance, I am willing to work in Japan.
  • At first, learning and catching up with supervisor’s guidance, then tried to find a job and experienced something deeper.
  • I wanted to learn new technology, the way of thinking and the method of doing research. Moreover, I wanted to improve my ability of Japanese, English, and train myself the ability of living independently.

(5) What has been good about coming to Japan?

  • Nearly everything, nice supervisors, responsible administrative stuffs, great travel and kind friends.
  • First, I learnt how the people in other countries think and research. Then, I improved my English skills in the research, and Japanese skills in daily communication. Third, I trained myself the ability of solving the problems in life and study independently.
  • There are some benefits. Firstly, I have improved my technologies and major abilities. Secondly, I have broadened my horizon, and experienced Japan culture. Finally, I have improved my english and japanese ability during this year.

B) Research

(1) Please state your research theme.

1st R&D field: Parallel Computing and Architecture

  • Big data searching optimization with machine learning and parallel computing
  • Design of a Pipelined CPU including FPU based on SIMD Architecture

2nd R&D field: Software System Science

  • A Supporting Tool for Syntactic Analysis of SOFL Formal Specifications and Automatic Generation of Functional Scenarios

4th R&D field: Cyberworlds and Intelligence Computing

  • Study on Algorithms for Part Recognition Problem in the Smart Surface
  • Accelerating GN Algorithm on Many-core Processors to Find Community Structure in Complex Networks

5th R&D field: Software Technologies for Globalization

  • Texture analysis based image segmentation using optimized unsupervised learning

(2) How did you decide on this research theme?

  • Before I decided on this research theme, I have discussed a lot with my supervisor. And I told him what kinds of technique that I am good at and which is my research area of interest.
  • My professor gave me some approaches based on my interests and let myself to decide.
  • Assisted by my past survey result, I designed and implemented the prototype based on the idea of my supervisor.

(3) Please state your experiences in finishing your Master’s Thesis.

  • The most important thing during the process of finishing my Master’s Thesis was not to hesitate to ask your professor and your friends when you encountered some problems that are so difficult for you to solve. Of course, when problems came up, you should try to solve by yourself firstly.
  • The problem domain is very huge. This is the most valuable experience for me to gain in finishing my research. I must take charge of knowledge reservation, strategy design, implementation and testing for a really huge software project.
  • The work in the daily life is very important. 20 pages thesis is not an easy task. Collecting the resources in the daily research and trying organizing them in an efficient way are helpful in writing the master thesis.

(4) What did you learn from the research process?

  • Do everything as scheduled. / Reading existed papers is an important work for research.
  • I have learnt how to make an attractive and successful slide and poster. I have improved my English writing skills.
  • How to make a progress with research and how to organize a thesis paper.
  • From the research process, I leant how to think, survey, and organize. My supervisor has given me lots of guidance, and my tutor gave me lots of advices. Above all, I learnt how to organize the information and write a technic paper.

C) Daily life

(1) What kind of difficulty did you experience in your daily life? How did you resolve these problems?

  • The biggest problem in my daily life is verbal communication. To solve this problem, I made some Japanese friends.
  • Although my Japanese is poor, thanks to many Japanese people’s help, there is nearly no difficulties I have experienced. / Thanks to many Japanese people and my tutor’s help, I could resolve the problems.
  • Can’t communicate with Japanese is inconvenient in daily life, especially solving some problems in the City Hall and Police Station. But it is also a motivation to learn Japanese. / Lean Japanese by myself and in the classroom of City Community. Take every chance to practice.

(2) Please offer suggestions concerning daily life for future DDP students.

  • Pre-learning of Japanese is very important, and get ready for hard work.
  • Keep learning Japanese and English, because they are so important for your daily life and your study or even your career.
  • Keep a good relationship with your professor, tutor, and your classmates.
  • Communicate with the persons who are familiar with surroundings. They can give you lots of good advices.
  • Make plans before, and think what you have done in the night. Take every chance to practice.

D) Impressions

(1) Please give us your frank opinions, impressions, and some comments for DD program.

  • I very much appreciate that I have such an opportunity of studying there, and it really gave me a life-time memory. Thank you Hosei, Thank you everyone in Hosei. I hope I will have another opportunity to go back there.
  • It provides us a very good chance to learn in Japan. I hope it will keep on going and be better and better.
  • This is a good program that gives us a chance to study in Japan. I hope this program can be continued and many Chinese students can attend this program.
  • it is really a good program. But the purpose should more clearly, such as the major. Most of the Chinese students who is selected to Japan have strong technology background, so we really want to learn something is very interesting.

(2) Finally, please give your message for future DDP students.

  • Take full advantage of the time to learn professional courses, more time to take part in the extracurricular activities, learn English and Japanese well. Hope everyone can have a happy and fulfilling year in Japan.
  • Please work hard and don’t waste time on other things. One year will pass very fast.
  • During a year you should keep energetic all the time, because the strict academic environment will surround you, you have every reason to do exercise every week. When facing problems, keep calm and believe you can overpass it finally. Be serious on your study, which will make you pass the final defense easily. Communicate with your professor daily, there are so many kind persons who can give you a help when you need.
  • Most time when facing something, take into deep consideration, and I believe you will have a splendid one year.
  • Don’t think too much before you facing something new, and don’t stingy your full effort when you are in it, one year is so short, get a plan before you reach here and leave with no regret.
  • Take the time to study and research, not to be lazy. The more you give, the more you get.
  • You have made a right choice when you join the DDP students in CIS of Hosei University.