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徐同同 DDP 2016 留学生



DDP 2016 留学生

English version:

I came to Tokyo and became a member of Hosei University in September 2016. In this year’s study and life, time is rush but very enriched. From the application stage to the enrollment, the staff in Hosei University have been enthusiastic to provide all kinds of support. They are very serious and patient with work, which makes people admire from the bottom of heart. The school curriculum is rich and practical, especially classes given by teachers from Hitachi, NEC, IBM and other well-known international companies, from which we can learn a lot of research methods and management skills.

The DDP program aims to cultivate computer and information professionals with an international perspective. We can really grow a lot of insight, get acquainted with friends from different countries and understand the culture of different regions through this project. The school provides students with nice research conditions and encourages students to participate in academic activities. During the year in Hosei University, I published two conference papers under the guidance of my supervisor and attended the 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics in Exeter, UK, from 21 to 23 June 2017, where I have the opportunity to communicate with researchers from different countries. If you are keen on research and want to experience a different life, please take this chance to join the DDP program and spend a memorable year at Hosei University.

刘文静 DDP 2014 留学生



DDP 2014 留学生

English version:

In September of 2014, I entered into Hosei University. During one year of studying in here and living in Japan, I not only experienced the convenient living environment, the Japanese culture in Japanese class, but also guided by the experienced professors on the research. In Hosei University, the practical classes, like ruby programming class, are taught by the teachers from the company. While classes on research theme are taught by the international professors. Additionally, both English class and Japanese class are provided. The mid-term presentation, the thesis defense, the classes taught in English are showing the international CIS department.

Hosei University Koganei campus is situated in the convenient place where is only 10 minutes’walk from the station. The Koganei campus is fully equipped, having the spacious laboratories, quiet libraries, clean gym, and reasonable price cafeteria. Near the Koganei campus, there is a beautiful Koganei park, inexpensive Koganei City Gym, free to learn Japanese Koganei City Japanese study room. To be a member of DDP, be a student of Hosei University is definitely a right choice. Hoping more students could take advantage of DDP, become students of Hosei University to experience the learning and living in Japan.

祖忠慧 DDP 2013 留学生



DDP 2013 留学生

English version:

I am honored to have the opportunity to study in Hosei University as a member of DDP program since Sep, 2013. In Hosei University, you will have chances to contact with the advanced teaching philosophy, learn the preface science and feel the kindness management approach. Hosei University provides students superior hardware facilities. No matter the bright and spacious indoor basketball court or the fully equipped gym, or well-stocked library are open towards the students without charge.

The professors of Hosei University are also with international background and plenty teaching experiences. Besides, Hosei University provides and creates many chances to students for academic communication so that the students will learn some advanced ideas of the field which are researched on. What’s more, from the professors, we not only learned the scientific and rigorous research attitude, but also we become much more modesty. All of those that we have learnt from Hosei University will do a great influence during our whole life, and it will do us a lot of favor. I wish that more students could start to know Hosei University, be a member of Hosei University and feel the special charm of Hosei University. I believe that you will never regret to have the experience in Hosei University.

Message from Lecturer of 日语理解



Lecturer of 日语理解

日语理解 Classroom

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