2021 Admission Application Schedule


Event Date & Special Note
Entrance Application Deadline The Middle of November, 2020
Sending the Notice of Acceptance The Beginning of December, 2020
The deadline of the Administration fee (100,000 JPY) payment December 31, 2020
(No refundable)


Event Date & Special Note
Distribution of Admission Procedure documents from Hosei (including VISA application documents) April 1, 2021
Distribution of “Application for Supervisor” from Hosei (including Laboratory List) April 15, 2021
Submission deadline of “Application for Supervisor” by email May 15, 2021
The deadline of Academic tuition fee payment for 300,000 JPY May 15, 2021
Distribution of “Credit Transfer Application” from Hosei (including Course Information) Late May, 2021
Announcement of matching of your supervisor at Hosei Early June, 2021
Submission deadline for “Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Application”; sent by express mail (EMS). In parallel with the above submission, be sure to send the application form (in Excel File) by email.

June 15, 2021
Must arrive at Hosei! ※Late submission might affect your VISA application!!

Submission deadline for “Credit Transfer Application” by email. June 30, 2021
Request academic transcripts of your home university in China. Please submit by end of August by email (in PDF).

Receive your COE via Hosei by express mail (EMS). Go to the Japanese embassy or consulate in your region to apply for “Student VISA”

Late July to Early August, 2021  Please check with Japanese embassy in advance for the approximate time to issue your Student VISA!!

Entrance Ceremony September 12, 2021
Orientation September 12, 2021
Start of Fall Semester September 18, 2021

2021 DDP Academic Year Calendar (Just FYR. To be updated shortly)

  • from September, 2020 to September, 2021
September 12, 2021 Entrance Ceremony
September 12, 2021 DDP Orientation
September 18, 2021 Start of Fall Semester
Late October, 2021 Koganei Exchange Party
November 5 – November 8, 2021 HOSEI festival (No Class)
December 25, 2021 ~ January 7, 2022 Winter Holidays ※Classes resume on January 8
February 1, 2022 Mid-term Presentation of Master’s Thesis
(for M1, Doctoral students & DDP students)
February 3 ~ March 31, 2022 Spring Holidays
Early April, 2022 Start of Spring Semester
Early April, 2022 Health checkup & Spring Orientation
Early July, 2022 Submission of Abstract
Middle of July, 2022 Submission of Master’s Thesis
Middle of July, 2022 Presentation of Master’s Thesis
Late July, 2022 Completion Ceremony for DDP
Mid of September, 2022

Degree Awarding ~ Late September; Diploma and Certificate of completion will be sent from Hosei to your home address in China by express mail (EMS).


The double degree program works by collaboration between Hosei University and The Pilot Software Engineering Schools Association. Students enrolling in the double degree program can obtain a master’s degree of science at Hosei University and a master’s degree of home institute. The double degree program student has to satisfy requirements of both universities. To obtain a master’s degree from Hosei University, you enroll in Hosei University as a regular student for two years. For one year, you live in Japan and study at CIS, in Hosei University. In the remaining year, you study at your home institute.